AH Lip & Body Butter

Have you Buttered Up today?

Cannabis Benefits & Uses

It's a NEW Day against PAIN!!!
Headaches, BackPain, Cancer & Lupus patients have joined the Pain Free Movement they have choosen to relieve their pain with CANNABIS - CBD & THC.  No more taking pain pills to run through your bloodstream when you can apply directly to the hurt and be ready to go back to your daily routine with ease from pain by using a "Topical Cannabis Infused Body Butter"

AHLBB Black Top Cannabis Body Butter is handmade to Relieve your Pain, Relax your Muscles and you still remain functional.
Our  Topical Cannabis Body Butter is helping patients with 
*Fibromyalgia *Migraines *Mentrual Cramps *Headaches *Backaches *Plantar Fasciitis * Arthritis  just to name a few 
*Helps relaxes your body for a good night sleep
This is a good change and a great natural alternative.
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