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Cannabis Benefits & Uses

                                            Black Top Lavender and Peppermint Cannabis Body Butter
Headaches, BackPain, Cancer & Lupus patients have joined the Pain Free Movement they have choosen to relieve their pain with CANNABIS - THC 0.3%, CBD 0.1%.  No more pain pills to run through your bloodstream when you can simply apply directly to the hurt and be ready to go back to your daily routine with ease from pain by using a "Topical Cannabis Infused Body Butter"

 This is why my product is so relaxing. #Indica is what I used for my Black Top Lavender/Peppermint Cannabis  Handmade Body Butter

* Benefits of Cannabis Indica Strain

* Relief of pain
* Lowered anxiety levels
* Seizure prevention for epileptics
* Better sleep are just a few benefits and more reported benefits of my product ~Fibromyalgia *Migraines *Plantar Fasciitis *Arthritis *Rheumatoid Arthritis *Neuropathy and many more illnesses and most share that they get a great night sleep when used for neck and shoulder pain.

                                 "Don't worry I made cannabis smell good" ~ Lavender or Peppemint


 Tips to Maximize Effectiveness of Topical Cannabis 

1. Apply topical cannabis body butter on clean skin.

2. Never apply right before you shower, exercise or before swimming.

3. Apply sweet sized to start and apply as needed

4. This product is NOT for consumption

5. External Use Only ~ For use only by adults 21 & order

6. Keep Out of reach of children  

7. Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort is experienced

AH Lip & Body Butter does not make any medical claims.

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