AH Lip & Body Butter

Have you Buttered Up today?

AH Lip & Body Butter is a Natural, Handmade, Shea butter base lip balm and body butter product handcrafted to moisturize, hydrate & revitalize your dry skin, lips and caters to sensitive skin and a plethora of other useful skincare benefits. 

All ingredients used in this product are chosen so you will be assured of the kind of protection it can give to your skin. Also, it is an assurance of not creating any side effects that will harm your skin. It's light because it does not contain any harmful chemicals as well as preservatives and my product line is Cruelty Free, Paraben Free & Sulfate Free.

AHLBB is filled with apricot, jojoba, avocado, almond, coconut, aloe oils all the necessary essential oils to surely give your skin feast without giving any greasy feeling as well as look on your skin. Try using my product as a part of your natural skin solution and after bath care and you will see the amazing benefits that my product can give to your skin.

And our Black Top Cannabis Body Butter for Pain & Muscle Relaxation we help with Dry skin, Sensitive Skin, Aches & Pains.

The results are luxurious hand crafted product that is gentle to use even on the most Sensitive Skin. 

                                     HAVE YOU BUTTERED UP TODAY?