AH Lip & Body Butter

Have you Buttered Up today?

AH Lip & Body Butter is a Natural, Handmade, Shea butter base product handcrafted to moisturize, hydrate & revitalize your dry skin and sensitive skin issues. 

My product is a lip balm and a body butter. All ingredients used in this product are chosen so you will be assured of the kind of protection it can give to your skin. Also, it is an assurance of not creating any side effects that will harm your skin. This is possible because it does not contain any harmful chemicals as well as preservatives.

It comes with a perfect fusion of essential oils together with Shea butter that will definitely help you solve your problems with cracked lips, sensitive skin issues, dry skin.  AH Lip and Body Butter is handcrafted to be the perfect natural body care with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients for your skin. My product is filled with apricot, jojoba, avocado, almond, coconut, aloe oils all the necessary essential oils to surely give your skin feast without giving any greasy feeling as well as look on your skin.

You can also choose from their wide array of scents Coconut/Pineapple, Mango, Lavender just to name a few scents. Try using my product as a part of your natural skin solution and after bath care and you will see the amazing benefits that my product can give to your skin. A great natural alternative for your skin. Let my product butter you up!